We are elated as the Covid 19 vaccination rates picked up all over the world. Especially in countries like Malaysia where infection rates are soaring and people have been homebound for more than three months. After a brief period of freedom in the country and lowered restrictions, people went back into lockdown and the cases are still rising. Many credit the rising cases to broken rules and laws and the vaccination spots that have encouraged large gatherings. One good news that is coming out of many countries that are vaccinated is, while infection rates have not stopped the severity of the virus has decreased. Nevertheless, the good news seems to pass as we started battling mutants of the virus. Dr. Clo Malaysia has been an immense help but it is no solution against the virus and its mutants. The world needs her immunity, and they need it fast. But we wonder if we will ever reach herd immunity any time soon?

Covid 19 pandemic has been met with many different efforts. From the social distancing to the total lockdowns and total face mask, our efforts are still going strong. But do not be mistaken. These efforts are not sufficient to end a global pandemic. Many have been under the impression that if we wear our masks diligently, the virus will effectively die away. If we sanitize enough the presence of the virus will slow down. But the harsh reality is no matter how many face masks we wear, we cannot effectively get rid of the virus without herd immunity. 

Herd immunity seems like a reachable position in theory, but in all practicality, it seems pretty impossible. Herd immunity states that at least seventy to eighty percent of the population has to be vaccinated however, with many external factors the immunization progress has been greatly hindered. 

Dr. Clo Malaysia

Some of the barriers in reaching herd immunity include children being unable to be vaccinated, new virus mutants, and people’s belief that the virus is a hoax, and finally the very dreaded vaccine hesitancy.

The world is still in the progress of making vaccines that are safe for children. After all, children are not immune to the effects of the covid 19 viruses. While the virus is not severe in young children, many still have succumbed to the disease and lost their lives. It has become crucial for children to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Not only that, children have the highest potential of increasing the infection spread within the community. As they go to school unvaccinated and come home and interact with their family, including the elderly of the family, the risk of rising cases increases. 

On th another side of the coin, there lies the biggest barrier to herd immunity. It is vaccine hesitancy. Many believe that vaccine is not the ultimate solution and it will have consequences for the man kind. Vaccination being forced down on people is not greatly looked up and people are misguided with the amount of misleading information about vaccines. 

In order to end the pandemic, we need to reach her immunity. Without complete herd immunity, there is no possibility of turning this pandemic even into an epidemic.