What do you think is the most obvious reason why we abandon our online shopping carts? Is it that we suddenly changed our minds? Maybe. Or is it the sudden realization of the shipping fees? Every month thousands of shipping carts get abandoned because of the unexpected fees in shipping. Or when we realize how long it actually takes to be shipped. Our thought process does not want to comprehend shipping services and their need for vessel charters Malaysia

 No one in their right mind wants to wait for two months for a phone cover unless it is something incredibly unique and branded. People would rather pay more for convenient and quick experiences. Keeping customers happy is the main objective of any business. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep them happy in the current climate where two-day deliveries are the set norm. Businesses have to bend over backward and splash money to get convenience for their consumers. Not all e-commerce wonders can afford to make free shipping a reality. As consumers, we understand that. Yet, there is nothing we love more than free shipping and nothing we hate more than having to pay for shipping

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Coming to think about the shipping dilemma, why do we hate paying for shipping so much? Is there a psychological explanation as to why our thought process justified paying for a membership fee instead of a shipping fee like we do with Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime membership fee includes the shipping for our products. Since we pay it monthly, no matter how many times we shop for that month on Amazon, we do not have to pay additionally for shipping. We see it as a bargain to just pay once a month. 

Another point that is important to note is the power of shipping as a marketing and sales too. More importantly the power of “free” shipping in the context of marketing. People are more comfortable shopping when they are always given options. This is the appeal of online shopping compared to the traditional method. People love the freedom to explore what’s best for them. It does not always have to be necessarily just one method that looks perfect on the book and as a theory. The world of marketing and shipping is about trying new ideas and relearning from them if they simply do not work.  

Freedom to choose and the bargain we receive makes free shipping sound a lot better than having to give up five dollars for shipping, right? Even if it means we are adding new items to the cart, we would rather have the illusion of free shipping. Coming to the next point, we will talk about how people choose illusions over the real thing. 

The illusion that we are saving money comes from the fanciness of the term “free shipping”. Because it says free, we do not mind spending a little extra just to get that free shipping. Shipping could be five dollars while adding a new item is 10 dollars. Perhaps this is because people like simpler interfaces and simple solutions. It seems easier to simply add something to the cart than having to go through the additional service of shipping. People tend to consider shipping separate from the actual shopping cart. In order to simplify the process of shopping and reach a less complicated endpoint, we fill up our cart properly.