best nursing pillow

It is very exciting to expect for a baby. Although it could be stressful at times, it is all worth it. It is the best thing a family could ever wish for welcoming a newborn into the family. It is the best thing ever. It is exciting and also stressful but fulfilling all together. 

There are a lot of things to prepare when it comes to pregnancy and giving birth but what is something that you need is the more important question. There are a lot of gears to get before and during the care of the baby but there is one item that you will need and it is not what you think. 

Most of the people would think that baby gears like strollers, baby carriers, baby bottles and more. But there is something more important and it is related to nursing and it is more important for the comfort of your baby and comfort of you as well while nursing and this important item is a Nursing Pillow. So we are going to talk about some reasons as to why Nursing pillow are so important as well as its benefits. Here is why.

  1. Nursing pillows save you back, neck and shoulders

For the first few months of the child being born, you will need to feed the baby a lot, like 10 times a day a lot so you will need something to protect your back, neck and shoulders. Using a pillow underneath the baby can prop the baby up to the correct height to feed the baby rather than carrying the baby because you may need to feed the baby for almost an hour for around 10 times per day so it will take a lot of stress away from you if you have a pillow to assist in feeding your baby. The worse situation is when you are caring for the baby and yet you need to go see the doctor to consult on your own back, neck and shoulder issue. It is better safe than sorry in situations like these. So it is best to have a pillow to support the baby to prop the baby to the correct height for breastfeeding.

  1. Nursing pillows are not only for breastfeeding, it can also help with bottle feeding as well.

Nursing pillow is also helpful when it comes to feeding even bottle feed babies because there are still need to prop the baby up to a certain height to be comfortable to feed the baby without having to bend your back every time to feed the baby and nursing pillows are there to help you with the process of feeding to be more comfortable. 

  1. Recovering from a C-section

If you are using the C-section method of labour, after the operation, it is very important for the mother to get well to seal the wound well and a nursing pillow can act as a buffer or a barrier from the baby and the wound and decrease accidents and let the wound heal properly whilst feeding the baby.

  1. Nursing pillow can encourage latching

Nursing pillow can help with latching as it brings the baby to the right height for feeding and will assist in latching for breastfeeding.

  1. Nursing pillow aren’t just for feeding

You can use the pillow as a tool to prop the baby up or use it as a comfort mechanism for the baby to feel safe whilst you too sit in comfort taking care of the baby.

best nursing pillow

Here are 5 reasons you need the best nursing pillow out there to have comfort whilst taking care of your baby and nursing to give the baby the best whilst being comfortable, for both you and the baby. 

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