You purchase a home depending on your financial position, your family‘s status, and your personal preferences. In Malaysia, there is a diverse range of architectural styles, localities, and residential types to choose from. The Malaysian, on the other hand, prefers to live in. In what form does the checklist for purchasers and renters take shape? Choosing the Gombak property is the best option in this situation.


A nice area is at the top of the wish list for both purchasers and renters

This is something that more than 80 percent of those who answered the survey believe is very important. Especially young purchasers and renters between the ages of 25 and 34 place a strong focus on this. It is perhaps possible that they consider the surroundings more essential than the actual home or apartment.

In certain cases, a prominent neighborhood or attractive municipality is not required; rather, excellent communication with the surrounding community is. In Wallonia, many people look for a home in an area where their friends reside; nevertheless, in Malaysia, this is a less essential criteria to consider.

Making a decision on the design of your house

When it comes to architectural styles, the Flemish seem to be an outlier to the rest of Europe. Approximately half of the Walloons like to live in a neighborhood with a consistent architectural style. They like to do things their own way: about 75% of those polled said they placed little or no emphasis on having a similar look to others.

More than 60% of individuals engaged in Wallonia are ready to make changes to their new-build home in order to make it more in keeping with the area. In Malaysia, this represents just 20% of the population. When his neighbors do architectural experiments, the issue is if the same Fleming is pleased with the results.

Why are you relocating to a new location?

Your social network is very essential. Many individuals purchase a home in close proximity to their parents, friends, or other family members. Even more significant is the distance between your house and your place of employment; because of excessive traffic, properties located near interesting connecting spots tend to score better. A home in a quiet neighborhood near a rail or metro station, or a residence only a stone’s throw from the entrance to a major highway, is perfect.

The availability of cultural opportunities may be a compelling reason for relocating. Of course, catering is a part of culture as well. Also important is how you and your partner interact with one another; if one of you lives in Brussels and the other in Antwerp, you may decide to settle in Boom as a couple.

What methods do you use to get well acquainted with your surroundings?

Walking about a neighborhood is the greatest way to get to know it. You will be able to sense the pulse of the area, find interesting locations, and interact with the locals in this manner. Do you have a limited amount of time? Then make advantage of online road maps, which allow you to virtually walk around streets. In this manner, you may prepare as well as possible online for the actual home search.