After successfully looking for a rental house and completing your internship in medicine, you will be on your way to becoming a doctor: you will only need to pass a written exam to get your certification. The written portion of the state medical examination is divided into two sections: a pre-clinical part and a clinical section.

Pre-clinical section:

It contains subjects about fundamental knowledge, with special emphasis on pathophysiological processes, as well as information on prevention and treatment.

In the universiti perubatan Malaysia, you will be evaluated primarily on your ability to apply biomedical and clinical knowledge to medical practice, as well as on your ability to resolve professional ethics issues. You will also be evaluated on a series of questions about various clinical problems in various areas of medicine.

  • In all, you will answer 180 multiple-choice questions, with the number of questions increasing to 200 in 2019 and 2020.
  • Another significant change in the written exam planned for 2019 is the separation of the questions into two parts of the test. This is a significant shift from the previous written test.

With the new rule, the number of questions in the pre-clinical area has been reduced to 50, while the number of questions in the clinical area has increased to 150. The minimal passing score for the exam will be 60 points, and if you want to have an idea of what to expect on the written portion of the exam, take a look at the sample test below.

How to become a doctor is as simple as enrolling in the order of physicians

This is the point at which you can submit your application for registration with the Order of Doctors of your province of residence, using the forms that you can find on the websites of the various provincial orders or in person at the provincial offices, and pay the required annual fee to remain a member of the Order of Doctors of your province.

You will have acquired your professional practice license and will be able to proudly proclaim that you are a doctor for the first time in your life!

Become a doctor: the abilities that are always needed

universiti perubatan Malaysia

After examining the whole training process and providing an answer to the question “how to become a doctor,” we will now take a deeper look at the doctor’s vocation in all of its facets and subfields.

Working as a doctor entails dealing with tremendous obligations daily, and as a result, outstanding critical thinking skills, as well as a strong capacity for active learning, are required. What distinguishes a competent doctor is the capacity to learn from experience continuously rather than stopping at the ideas that have previously been taught.


The ability to actively listen, that is, to listen and completely comprehend others, as well as to offer questions that help understand a situation, is essential in this context. As a matter of fact, medical diagnosis is dependent on constant active listening and the capacity to make choices based on the components present as well as ideas that have been acquired before.