Do you know how important recycling is? Let’s take a refresher course on its significance.

Every day we single-handedly waste food and other items worth 1-4 kg. Imagine this amount multiplied by a year. We are contributing over a billion tons of waste to our land and ocean and the world manages to recycle nine percent of this waste. Even though we have recycling initiatives from major companies like metal company Malaysia, it is not enough to reduce the world’s waste problem. The problem is not addressed until we look at our own wasteful habits and how it contributes to the environment.

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Recycling items like metal can lead to lower energy usage and a significantly decreased emission rate in our atmosphere. Every day we wake up and realize the drastic effects of climate change that happened because of lack of energy conservation. A step towards saving energy and the rate we burn nonrenewable energy sources is by using recycled materials to manufacture our goods. Or using recycled materials to make up the space of our home and neighborhood.

While we cannot force large companies to change yet, we can certainly change ourselves and our neighborhood. Repurposing old materials and recycling is no longer something that should be a fun hobby. But it is something that needs to be practiced within your circle or perhaps your neighborhood. So how can you encourage your neighborhood to be more reliable towards the environment? Not everyone has the same views as you when it comes to recycling goods. In order to get your neighborhood involved in your recycling activities, there are some things we can do. 

Create Awareness

Creating awareness is not as difficult as one might think. You can start creating awareness by even striking up a conversation with just one neighbor. It’s even better if you practice what you preach. Having good recycling methods and practices in your home will motivate others in th neighborhood who would also like to do the same. Many stop themselves from taking the additional step of taking on recycling as a functional role because they have no idea no awareness on how to do it.  It is our job to play an active role in creating awareness. 

Creating Your Own Group 

Change starts small so it is more than enough if you got more than one person involved in your initiative to recycle within the neighborhood. Forming your own group and a club gives you the motivation to keep going and it also gives you the opportunity to expand your recycling habits from home to the environment. You can reach out to the neighbors who have items that needed to be sorted out as trash and you can find a better way to give these unused items a new purpose within the neighborhood. If one wants to throw a TV there may be someone else who would simply rather have it for a cheaper price. One man’s trash is another man’s gold. This stands true to recycling and repurposing.