People these days prefer to purchase their goods from big supermarkets and it’s a habit that we must put a stop to at once. Why? Because these supermarkets like to do one thing that not a lot of people take notice of even though it happens right in front of their eyes every day. Supermarkets aren’t the only ones to do this but almost some of the fortune 500 are guilty of doing this practice. Cutting out the smaller guy. The bigger supermarket chains are so big that they take up most of the market share from most of the other smaller groceries that try to make a living too. Take Amazon for example. The company is worth a staggering 1,700,000,000,000. Something that boggles my mind is if there comes a time where these companies must stop growing because any company that’s over trillions let alone billions of dollars is just too much. They like to push out the smaller guy and milk as much profit as they can out of everyone. If you don’t think that they do this knowingly then you should read up on some of amazon’s case studies. Amazon is deliberately pushing out the smaller guys and it’s time we make a change. But how? We can make a start in the grocery realm first. These reasons also come with great benefits too.

  1. Helps the neighborhood out

Back in the early days. People could easily open up stores and have the utmost confidence that the local neighborhood will always be there to support them even in the most trivial times. Things have kinda gotten outta hand since then and now most people have to do the research beforehand hoping that some of the markets are still left untouched. Even the grocers’ world is becoming corporate and people are just going along with it. If you search for buy salmon Malaysia on the world wide web then you would see that most of the top companies are that of the bigger supermarket chains. They’ve even managed to beat the community online. What you can start doing is by first finding out exactly where your goods are coming from. By doing this you could help save the community from being another corporate scrooge.

  1. Organic options

Buying from the community also ensures that your food is organically sourced or even organically grown. It has come to a point in our lives where some of the food we buy is found to have some kind of poison in it and this is due to the pesticides that the mega-companies use in order of keeping their produce untouched which is kind of ironic in order to get the maximum amount of profit they can from a single batch. Organically sourced produce may have bugs that rot some of their products but the other batch that you get will be some of the freshest produce you’d have in your life. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy from the local guy and hopefully, this convinces you to change your ways and mindset towards this.  Visit joinme to read a lot of interesting articles there.