The pandemic has changed a lot of things around the world. On a global level, it has changed the way we think, digitize, consume, do business and even implement wellness. And of course, the most obvious of the change was the swift shift to digital consumption. Especially our shopping and consumption. Whether it be entertainment or food, we are getting it from a digital media platform.

So many businesses have taken initiative to completely revolutionize the grocery shopping experience online. The steps have been in the undertaking for many years but hesitancy in design and shift to an online medium has prevented grocery shopping from becoming a truly omnichannel experience. In the next few years, in the ideal post-pandemic world we are bound to see the mark and effect of the pandemic changes brought to grocery shopping mediums. There are so many ways the world of grocery shopping will look different, for the sake of our convenience and pleasure.

Going Completely Cashless 

We may be somewhat already cashless but the majority of the world population is yet to make the total shift to cashless when doing their grocery shopping. However, by the end of the pandemic, we can certainly predict that customers will no longer enjoy carrying around cash or touching them. Many of the grocery stores also implemented a reward-based system where people could pay based on their activities and so forth on. Loyalty programs and other point-based systems are becoming more and more popularized and we expect to see a lot more take over of this in the post-pandemic world.

Smart Technology In Grocery Shopping 

Smart technology is now not only reserved for our refrigerators or TVs. The excellence of artificial intelligence also expanded into grocery stores to build a more personalized shopping experience for the customers. People are expected to have more targeted promotional items, automated and premade grocery lists, accurate product discovery based on interests and preferences as well as lifestyle changes, customization tools to align customer’s value and new product opportunities and the list goes on. 

In the futuristic world of smart technology, personalization on mobile applications is not the only worldwide possibility. It will also allow personalization within the retail stores along with human touch being replaced with robots. Do not be surprised to see bots doing the fresh groceries delivery Selangor in the post-pandemic world. We may be a tad bit far from the actual implementation of robot delivery services but the possibility is not as far as we might think! 

No More Checkouts 

Cashierless retail stores are the next big thing in the world. Amazon already rolled out their first cashier-less grocery store in 2020 so we can only expect major retail stores to follow in the footsteps of Amazon. Cashierless retail stores no longer need us checking out the end of the store. Shoppers do their shopping on their mobile phones as they explore the store and choose their picks. People can place anything they want in their brackets and simply scan the QR code using the mobile application while stocking up their grocery cart. 

Many of these futuristic changes may take time to get used to but if there is anything that the pandemic has taught us, it is that we are very flexible to change. Humans are adaptable to technology and these days we are looking forward to what the world’s technological innovations have in store for us!