Light Signage vs. Conventional Signage

We have seen a lot of conventional signage around us, and it has been the most common signage for decades until the lightbox signage came into the signage business. With the creativity, technicality and technology that available nowadays, people prefer lightbox signage more than conventional, and that is why we tend to see more lightbox signage around these days. So now, we are going to look into the differences between these two signage. Visually, we can see many differences such as the font, size, pattern and technology. Let’s look into it with a bit more in details.

Firstly, the font of the wording has a vast difference when we compared to the conventional and lightbox. In the conventional signage, the fonts are very rigid and only one or two types of font, thus most of them are block letters in white. This is the invariable conventional signage that has been used for years and still in use if you see any archetypal restaurants or shops. However, the lightbox uses the various signage kind of fonts, sizes and design and mostly used the LED lights in the signage.

Secondly, the size of the signage. As I mentioned before, most signage malaysia use the rectangle dimensions of the board to make it appear into a signage. The shape seems to be unvarying. The lightbox can be done in round, square and rectangle structure with small, big and medium dimension.

Lastly, the pattern and technology technicality in both of the signage is different too because the lightbox uses the lights and box, thus the pattern of the logos are portrayed differently in the lightbox compared to the normal signage where it does not have all that. All this kind of signage are available in the signage business, but it all depends on the affordability of an individual and business.