I really have to thanks those websites which offer great deal from various merchant. Because of the amazing (almost unbelievable o.O) discount, I manage to try more restaurants that I never think want to dine in for certain reason (eg: not afford >.< ) or some restaurants which are already in my waiting list but I have yet make a move there (eg: too far from my place ^___^). 
BellyGood was one of it in this category 😛

BellyGood is dedicated in serving pork dishes with special home made recipes for dishes and sauces. The deal that I got was 3 course pork feast + drink @ RM 37.90 instead of RM 75.90. What a steal, right?

Open kitchen with fully covered glass panel.

Ice Lemon Tea

Extra order of coffee

Grilled Bacon Salad
Fresh vegetables with Italian dressing topped with crispy grilled bacon bit.

Mixed Grilled of Belly & Ribs

The Pork ribs was fall-of-the-bone tender & I love the subtle hint of smoky flavor.
The half lean half fat pork belly was equally tantalizing too.

Now you see….

Now you don’t ^__^

Australian Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice-Cream
The dessert was quite mediocre, nothing to shout about.