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We were on our way to another destination, but it was lunch time, we were famished and Fun Taipei had just opened it’s doors at Kota Damansara. Parking was relatively easy, we decided to give it a try..

The restaurant was decorated with large wall posters of famed taiwan tourist attractions and snack street pictures, clearly indicating their main food focus. There were quite a number of set meals to choose from (other than ala carte), with very decent prices.Choosing our meals didnt take that long..WF had oyster mee sua..

I was rather surprise with her order, since she had just returned from Taipei a couple of weeks ago and I assumed she ate this many,many times when she was there. It’s was a mediocre dish though, the sauce tasted rather quirky, not like the norm oyster mee sua. The accompanying deep fried tofu was quite nice, if eaten together with the pickled cucumber.I had the san bei (3 cups) chicken..

Was a decent version, not too bad. Sadly, the chicken was not well marinated and did not absorb much of the sauces flavours. The mince pork rice (lu rou farn) had too much star anise aroma in it, which I didnt like. Also, insufficient gelatine in the sauce toAmy decided to have the braised set..

So her’s looks the plainest of the lot :p. Braised egg and tofu served with braised mince pork rice. The base sauce was the same for all the dishes, so everything tasted rather similar. Average tasting set..We all agreed that Elaine’s set was the best..Her chicken chop set..

Humongous deep fried chicken chop, lightly dusted with chilli powder. The batter was crunchy while the chicken fillet remained juicy and well marinated. Very yummy indeed.Overall, we find the food average, but all of us really enjoyed their bubble tea (which I didnt take any picture of :p). I guess I will come back for the bubble tea and maybe to try some of the snacks..