I’m kinda hooked on Nasi Padang hence during the weekend, we decided to explore Desa Pandan. The place is a hub for Nasi Padang restaurants as in one square of shophouses, there are three different outlets at each row facing each other. When you drive in from McDonald’s, the first one on your left is Sari Bunda, go straight and turn right and you will see Sari Ratu. Facing Sari Ratu at shophouses across is Restoran Sederhana. Although some of you recommended us Sari Bunda, we decided to try out Sari Ratu since it was the one that was thoroughly packed that day with Indonesians.We ordered a variety of small dishes from the counter – first was the Ayam Pop (RM6++) which is kampung chicken (free range chicken) that has been soaked in brine and then deep fried. It’s served with tapioca leaves and a sauce akin to rojak. Slightly different way of serving it here as usually they give a chilli sauce instead.

 This was my favourite – crunchy baby eels (RM7++) (Belut Balada in Malay/Indonesian) that is deep fried and coated in a chilli sauce. You may think it’s strange but they taste great. Even Splashie Boy who hates these wriggly stuff liked it.

The Dendeng Daging (RM5.50++) i.e thin beef slices fried till crispy and served with chili sauce. Although this was better than Salero Negori, I still did not like this one as it wasn’t paper thin enough to make it crispy.

Their rendang daging (RM5.50++) is pretty good too and I love the sauce which is great with rice.

Splashie Boy insisted we have these Sayur Buncis (RM3.50++) (Long Beans in Malay/Indonesian) which is his favourite. It’s cooked in a creamy curry that is like sayur lodeh. Out of all the Nasi Padang places we have been, this version is his favourite.

I had to have my Sayur Pucuk Paku (RM3.50++) (Fern Leaftops) – my essential whenever I eat Nasi Padang. This version is very creamy and packs a punch with the green chillies.

Another must have when you visit a Nasi Padang outlet – Alpokat Juice (RM6++) that is made from Indonesian avocados and is drizzled with chocolate sauce. The juice is so thick that one is enough to fill you up.

Don’t forget dessert – Indonesia’s version of our Ais Kacang i.e. their Ice Teler (RM6++) that is topped with avocado, coconut slices, palm seeds, jackfruit and pink colour sago. Really yummy stuff.Besides these dishes we ordered, we saw other tables ordering Fish Head Curry, Ikan Percik (grilled fish), Ikan Nilam Goreng (Fried fish) and etc. One table next to us had so many dishes that they were hard pressed to look for space on their table. From what I gather, Sari Ratu is a popular chain of Nasi Padang restaurants in Indonesia. They have three outlets in Malaysia: one in Jalan Sultan Ismail, this one in Desa Pandan and their latest one at Ampang Waterfront in Taman Kosas. The food here is pricier than Salero Negori but more authentic. I guess with more and more Nasi Padang places we try, we will get a better feel of the different tastes and budgets offered.(We got very lost trying to drive towards the restaurant. Luckily we had the telephone number of the place so they gave us directions. At the Pandan Indah flyover (i.e. after RHB Bank Bhd’s headquarters on Jalan Tun Razak turn left.) Go straight and turn left, do not go up the ramp. Go straight, you will pass by flats on the left hand side and shophouses on the right hand side. When you see an Esso petrol station on your left hand side, turn right at the traffic lights. You can also see a McDonalds on the right, turn left at the shophouses at the McDonalds and drive straight down. Take a right turn and you will see Sari Ratu. When you drive down the road after the McDonalds’ turn off, you will see Sari Bunda on your left hand side.)*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.