Can’t really remember how many had I visited this practically restaurant. But this is their 4th branch which is located at SS2. Actually it’s the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar at Chow Yang. Noticed the shop one day after I had lunch with my family last weekend.

This is the Pork Balls with Foo Chuk soup. The pork balls are aplenty and lots of vegetable. Pork ball isn’t much special but just normal ones. Nothing special bout the soup but just a normal pork balls soup. (RM 4.00 – small portion)

This is their special blend and cooked chilly paste which people came each day to try out. Please do take note that it’s really spicy and for those with sensitive bowel syndrome or tummy, please don’t over do it. But there is some over cook scent in their chilly paste which I found out. 

So this is their famous Dry Chilly Noodle served with minced pork, fried crunchy onions, fresh crunch anchovy and steamed boiled egg. Mixed that all up with the chilly paste on top and you got yourself one hell of a spicy and dry pan mee. (RM5.50)

As we’re not full yet, we had decided to ordered their Water Dumpling (Sui Kao). Actually it wasn’t half bad at all. The ingredient in the dumpling was pack and fresh. Soup is the same as the one above. A very nice dish for some light eating. (RM 5.00 – small portion) Overall it was a rather filling lunch for me and my friend. This is definitely a noodle which all must try if you like spicy food. But I don’t think that you will eat this noodle each and everyday. For one it’s not really good for your tummy to be that ‘exciting’ the whole day after eating it. You will feel your tummy a bit hot and grouchy. You can find their other branches in Kota Damansara and also Kepong. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)