Pitter…patter…went the rain….

On a rainy day in October, three of us took refuge in this cosy nook right next to Surisit.

We had braved the torrential storm for a bite and was pleasantly surprised with this homey place filled with old LPs, comfy chairs and welcoming vibe.

There’s no paper menu. Instead we walked up to the counter and read off the chalkboard to decide what to order for our mid-day meal.

It was a rather quick choice since the menu was limited – Western dishes mingling with Middle Eastern items picked up by the owners during their studies in Yemen.

Kacang pol (RM8) was the first choice. This fava bean dip usually found in Johor is minus the egg like how they serve it in Yemen.

“Would you like an egg with your dip?” we were asked. We nodded since that was the way we usually eat the dip mashed together with the fried egg.

It was no fine dining fare but the dish enveloped us with a warmth and a totally feel good factor.
Comfort seems to be the big buzz word in Mukha…in its decor and the food.

The beef bamia (RM15) was another prime example with minced beef cooked with okra (or to some ladyfingers) with a little spice to make it interesting.

One spoon was never enough, as we ladled the tummy comforting dish onto crispy Arab toasts to enjoy.

I liked the lamb cutlets (RM29) beautifully grilled to a caramel brown colour. Each piece is like a lollipop with a dash of Mukha’s own blend of spices that I slowly savour. It’s not A+ perfect since the spices are rather mild but I enjoy the whole combo with the mash potatoes and french beans.

The Gulf Rice (RM16) was a let-down with a rather ordinary taste. Akin to our briyani, this version with chicken, vegetable chutney, poppadum and chutney didn’t excite us at all.

Everything is washed down with a cuppa of their Shahi or mint tea that is served in dainty glass cups.

Someone relives his American days with an order of Cherry Coke.

To end, we looked forward to desserts. Red Velvet was the original intention but it had sold out so instead we settled for pavlova (RM9.50) and banoffee pie (RM8.50).

Everything felt light as air…even though we know it ain’t especially the creamy calorie laden banoffee pie with the very short biscuit crumb. As we licked our lips and enjoyed the pavlova topped with fruits, the rain had subsided. Just in time as we walked off.

Will we return…is the question? I reckon we may since the place scored high on the comfort quotient. While the food won’t exactly rock the world, it was still rather nice with a feel good factor.Posted by : boo_licious