Simple web designs are catchier when lavishly made. Websites gain profit by the number of traffics it makes. The more internet traffic, the better the business with websites. Web design is important in creating a lot of traffic. The position of the button, the color, the content, and the features should all be simple and easy to navigate. A web designer always keeps in mind the basics in making a web design. He takes into consideration, the font size, font type and many more. A website should have a breathing room as one famous person said. 

Here are some ideas that may of help to newbie designers. The key to a good web design as stated by a famous person is to know that a website is a field of text. So, when making a headline, see to it that it’s bold and can be read clearly. Choose a font type that is easy to read and comes in bigger sizes. Font size should be neither around 16 so it’s not too small nor to big. Create a headline that not too long as well. The characters should be around 50-60 only. No one reads a very long headline. The background should match the font color. Most websites have white background or a light color. Consistency is an important factor in designing a website. 

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If you put it photos, make sure that it’s the right size and in the right position. The web is pixel based. Photos should not be pixilated. If taken from another website like Google, see to it that the photo has clarity. One basic idea that you need to keep in mind, no one wants to see a crowded website. Proper spacing and proper position of things makes traffickers visit it more. 

The content of the website should be relevant and interesting. Do not create a website just for fun. Create something that would really draw traffickers. When creating a website or starting a business with it, make sure information are not outdated and update from time to time. Teenagers are the usual internet savvies.  Target them with your ideas. Focus on their interests. If you have notice as well, some websites come in blue color. Why, because a blue color gives a pleasant feeling to the traffickers. 

When using a website such as Republic Digital Marketing Service for a digital marketing malaysia campaign, the design is one of the top concerns!