We need to take good care of our belongings, especially our laptops or computer. This is because we want to be able to use it for a long time and buying a new laptop or computer can be expensive. Here are some important tips on how to take care of our laptops. 

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No liquids 

This is the most basic and common thing for us to know about our laptops, keeping all sorts of liquids away from our laptops or computers. Laptops and computers are known to be sensitive and they have a lot of wires and if there is a water spill it can cause electrical damage to the software of the laptops. 

Backup server 

Sometimes things happened within our control and when it does we wish that we can do something about it. The same goes with our computer Sometimes, when there is a virus, we can lose all of our important data, which is why it is, important to have a backup server. When this happens you can go to the best server backup services in Malaysia and get it to fix. 

Don’t leave it in your car 

When you want to go somewhere, please do not leave your computer or laptop in your car. Not only the temperature in the car can cause damage to your computer but it may also cause a car robbery. 

Hold it properly

When lifting or holding your computer, don’t hold the LCD screen instead hold it by the body. If you lift or hold the computer on the screen this may cause it to break into 2. It may also cause the screens to get scratched or crack the screen. 

Clean hands 

Keep your hands clean when you are using laptops or computers. You don’t want it to have any food stains, dirt, or even worse ants. Having small specks of dirt or ants in your computer can cause damage to the software or the keyboards. So please, wash and dry your hands before using the computers or laptop. 

Don’t put stuff on top of your laptop

It is a laptop for God’s sake! Don’t be putting a book, your makeup, or whatever on top of it. Not only you can break the LCD screen but you may also damage the CD-ROM and all of the internal software in the laptops. 

Don’t use it on your bed 

I know, it is tempting to lay on your bed and binge on your favorite show. But, putting your laptop on the bed is really a bad idea. It may seem nothing, but the fan in your laptop can suck all of the small specks of dirt on your bed, and also putting your laptop on the bed can cause it to overheat. 

Wait for it to shut off properly 

This is something that not many people take extra care of, when you are shutting down your laptop or computer please wait for the light to turn off properly. Don’t immediately shut it off because this can cause damage to the computer. And also, make sure your click off on all of the applications that you are using.