Creativity is bursting! You want to make something new and unique, but you don’t know where to start. Fashion is a process, and while you may not be confident in your sewing skills yet, you can experiment with dyeing instead. It is a good place to start for anyone who enjoys customizing garments. There are numerous colours to try together and each pattern is guaranteed to be different from the other, even if you use the same technique. That is the beauty of it. It is consistently different!

Why You Should Try Dyes

Dyes are easy to use even in a home setting. Care should be taken because they include ingredients like sodium gluconate Malaysia, therefore ensure that you use gloves when working with dyes. With dye, you get to experiment creatively with colour in a way that is inexpensive and widely available. It does not create a large mess if done right, and it is also easy to carry out in a small space. 

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What You Need

To dye, you need a few things. Firstly, you need the colours you want to dye your outfits in. These can range from red and yellow to purple and green. You can mix colours, however be sure of the sequence, because sometimes a lighter colour can get washed out by darker tones. Water is required to mix the dye and dip your garment. You can place it in a large dish or bucket, but others use their bathtubs to perform dyeing. A place to hang your garments is a good idea, preferably somewhere open for the fumes. Wear gloves  at all times to prevent your hands from coming in contact with chemicals. Ensure that the materials you pick are okay for dying. Cotton is easy enough to work with, however with synthetics like polyester it may be trickier and require specific steps so as to not ruin your garment.

The Process

The process is one that is uncomplicated, but there are different techniques used to produce certain patterns on the garments. Therefore, you can look up ways of providing different patterns on your material and pick your favourite. Some t-shirt dying processes include the use of string to achieve a certain appearance. Others do not. Look up the kind of style you want and learn how to achieve it. 

Place your water in the container that you are using and add in the dyes you’re using.  Mix them well (with gloves on!). Ensure that when you submerge your clothing, it can be fully submerged into the container. Stir it in the bucket or container you are using and soak it for the required amount of time, according to the size of your garment. T-shirts and tops are often good to go after half an hour. Rins the garment after, and rinse it well until the dye is no longer coming out. Wash it with detergent and then hang it outside.