How Palm Oil is made

An article is talking about Malaysia is considered the second exporter of Palm Oil in the world that is second to Indonesia who is the first. The palm industry in Malaysia has been developed in the early ’70s and is the biggest industry in Malaysia and is vital for the growth of Malaysia’s economy. Palm oil is an edible oil that is high in saturated fats and free from trans fat. Palm oil can be and is used for many types of things in our daily life like cooking oil and our food processing like bread, chocolate, and margarine. Palm oil is also used in our personal products like shampoo and cleaning products. So palm oil has many uses. To ensure that our palm oils produce good quality oil, we need to make sure it grows healthily, in that we use fertilizer. Those who are in the palm oil industry usually have their own direct manufacture price palm oil fertilizer Malaysia. We all have been warned that we’re going to face a phase where we will face the problems of running out of petrol. Imagine if that day has come and we only have Palm Oil to live with.

Since we all know the uses and benefits of palm oil, we should know what the lengths are taken to produce palm oil. First off, buy fertiliser for palm plants in Malaysia that need to be planted as there were plantation companies that focused on oil palm production that was nationalized by the government in the ’70s like Sime Darcy, and there are still other palm oil plantation companies, and vasts palm oil plantations across the nation. So the palm trees are planted until they are fully grown and grows fruit bunches. Palm trees have to mature and they take around 4 to 6 years to actually produce the fruit so that it can be harvested, and this is if the palm tree is fertilized properly and consistently.

When they are fully developed, then they are harvested then transported to be extracted into the palm oil we know. Both the seed and the flesh of the fruit is processed and extracted to make oil.

How It’s Made