Do you know where we can usually see patlite signal tower the most? It is probably around us but since we are not really well exposed to it, we don’t really notice it often. Apparently, it is commonly used in the manufacturing or industrial field in several equipment that we could easily find in factories. Now that you have stumbled upon this article, you surely would want to know about the patlite signal tower Malaysia.

It is common to see how field industries such as manufacturers are using this patlite signal tower for many things as the equipment. But did you know what and where we could get the patlite signal tower? We have Xyreon; a great company to actually supply you with the best and high quality of signal towers.

Everything You Have To Know About Xyreon

Who is Xyreon?

Xyreon Technology Sdn Bhd is a trusted and high quality company that supplies Self-Service Kiosk and Total Industry Solution. Basically, they are a company that has  the most updated technology that would perfect;y fits with the customers’ requirements. Other than that, Xyreon also aims to serve only the best because they are expert in their services and products for their clients.

What can Xyreon offer?

Basically, other than services, Xyreon also offers the Industrial PC and Automation Component and Self -Service Kiosk that are usually needed in the manufacturers, factories or even restaurants and other businesses that are using the self-service system. 

  1. Industrial PC and Automation Component:
  • The automotive components.
  • The automation controller and IOS.
  • The barcode scanners and printers.
  • The fanless embedded PC.
  • The flash and memory.
  • The intelligent logistics.
  • The IoT gateway.
  • The IPD chassis.
  • The LCD display.
  • The motherboards.
  • The panel PC.
  • The pedestrian gate.
  • The peripherals.
  • The POS system.
  • The power supply.
  • The UPS backup system.
  1. Self-Service Kiosk solution

This is apparently a communicative and responsive kiosk that will be able to let the clients experience a good build up robot that is user-friendly, and good features and interfaces developed by them. Which will be so beneficial in so many businesses such as in: F&B business, retails business or even transactions  of bill payment either by cash, debit card or e-wallet. 

Industries that involving self-service kiosk are consists of:

  • The F&B.
  • Entertainment industry.
  • Hospitality.
  • The manufacturing.
  • The transportation.
  • The retail.
  • The smart city.
  • The healthcare.
  • The banking.

The signal towers that Xyreon offers

Known as the best company in supplying and expert in equipment that have high technology for manufacturers industries, Xyreon has a good quality of industrial PC and automation components. Apparently, there are several components of signal towers that they are offering, which are:

  • The audible alarm and voice synthesizer.
  • The LAN-USB-POE wireless.
  • The LED lighting.
  • The signal beacons.
  • The signal tower.

Function of each colour in the signal towers.

As we acknowledge, the signal tower have several different colours with different functions that will signal something which are:

  • White: it is commonly used for the specific machine to monitor productivity. 
  • Blue: to show that it needs raw materials, arrangement or assistant in maintenance. 
  • Green: it shows the normal operation of all of the progress.
  • Yellow: give warning of the exceeded temperature.
  • Red: it shows a machine or the process failure.