Living in Southeast Asia, there are so many beaches in the area and its incredible beauty for tourists, this definitely makes the business potential in the region even greater. Like even businesses such as rig preservation solutions in Malaysia could be a great business. 

Business ideas can indeed arise and be applied anywhere, including in coastal areas. For those of you who are interested in business around the coast, of course you should start thinking about the type of business that will be conducted on this sea and land border.

So what are the business ideas and types of businesses that can be implemented and run around this beach? Below are five business ideas in the beach area that you can run:

1. Selling Souvenirs

Each tourist spot in general has its uniqueness and uniqueness which is then turned into a souvenir. The beach also has uniqueness that has the potential to become a souvenir business.

Then, the habit of the world to always bring souvenirs while traveling, is certainly the reason why this beach souvenir business has so much potential. Some of the beach souvenirs that can be sold include special beach shirts, beach hats, beach photos, various accessories such as bracelets and necklaces from shells, or souvenirs and glass bottles from the beach and other creative souvenirs.

2. Rent a Surfboard Service 

A world that has many beaches with big waves is a great opportunity for a skateboard rental business. Of course there will be many tourists who need a skateboard, because even if they already have their own skateboard, with the large size of the skateboard and the difficulty of carrying it, they will enjoy it more if they rent it directly on location.

Then, this business opportunity will be wider if you have expertise in surfing. With these abilities and expertise, you can supplement your income by becoming a surfing coach.

3. Rental of Snorkeling and Diving Equipment

Beaches will certainly open up lucrative opportunities for snorkeling and diving equipment rental businesses.

Snorkeling or diving activities on the surface of the water and diving or diving activities below the water surface of course requires some equipment such as snorkels, diving masks, frog legs, diving clothing and oxygen cylinders and so on. From here, you can rent some snorkelling and diving equipment.

4. Rent Swimming Attire or Essential 

The next business idea you can run around the beach is to rent a swim tire or essential. The number of visitors who want to enjoy the sea water by swimming but cannot swim will make them look for tools to help them swim.

And pool belts are the perfect tool for making them swim. From here, of course, there is a huge opportunity to make the swimming ban a rental business.

5. Beach Culinary Business

The last business idea in the coastal area is the typical beach culinary business. After being on the beach for so long, the stomach will become hungry and the throat will become thirsty. To overcome hunger and thirst, visitors need food and drink.

This is where lucrative opportunities arise to open a culinary business. It is better if the dishes you serve are beach specialties such as processed fish, shrimp, crab, squid, coconut ice and others. This is because visitors who come to the beach will be more likely to enjoy special culinary offerings from the beach compared to other culinary dishes.