Companies can no longer be satisfied with doing business in a single country, given the fast expansion of globalization over the last decade. Companies all across the world must find a means to overcome cultural differences that prevent them from reaching a larger market. Companies trying to develop their brand and become global suppliers have found it difficult to reach markets all over the world. One of the most difficult tasks for organizations is to create a brand and product that can cross numerous cultural divides. It does the job, but content marketing on a global scale has so much more to offer. Branding Malaysia finds this as a challenge as well but there are many companies that have been able to break down the cultural barriers that exist in Malaysia.

To build a globally recognized and respected brand, each company has chosen a distinct strategy. Each company was able to develop a marketing strategy that not only helped them break into new markets but also helped them become a well-known brand inside their existing markets.


Domino’s is a well-known pizza delivery service. The fact that they can modify their conventional business strategy to different cultures all around the world is a huge part of their success abroad. Domino’s can figure out which toppings are appropriate for different cultures based on some basic study and analysis. Adding different toppings is fairly simple but also quite effective in different places throughout the world.

Domino’s partnership with the fourth most valuable brand in the world is excellent, but having a flexible business strategy to meet the needs of many cultures is even better. Coca-Cola is the world’s most popular soft drink. Coca-Cola is available in more than 200 countries, making it an ideal partner with which to establish a global footprint. Having a partnership with such a well-known company as Coca-Cola helps Domino’s cut down cultural barriers. Due to these two qualities, Domino’s has been able to overcome cultural obstacles that other pizza chains have been unable to.


Airbnb offers a service that is required all over the world. Airbnb has figured a how to offer low-cost housing services without ever having to interact with a consumer. Because leisure travel has grown to be so popular in the last decade, this is a brilliant idea. Travelers are always on the lookout for the most convenient and least expensive lodging options. Because of the international nature of Airbnb’s operation, cultural obstacles must be addressed. One way that Airbnb facilitates cross-cultural business is by offering its services in as many as 26 languages.

With the use of modern technologies, Airbnb has been able to give flawless translation every day. The programmers at Airbnb have created a translation management tool that allows translators to see new phrases as soon as they are added anywhere in the Airbnb system. With the help of this technology, Airbnb is able to maintain accurate translations while also learning what its consumers desire. Airbnb promotes the ease and effectiveness of its approach through the use of simple internet films. They produce videos tailored to a certain region’s needs before adding voiceovers according to the region’s distinct cultures. These movies work because they can be utilized across continents and adapted to different parts of the world.