In this modern world of ours, technology has taken over many aspects of our lives. From carriages to cars, to phone booths changing to cell phones, and many more. As you can see, we are actively progressing forwards. So it is only normal that certain habits of ours also change. In particular, the development of technology has brought about massive changes in the employment sector. Here, I’d like to bring to light one of the more obvious changes, self-ordering kiosk machines. These helpful devices can especially be seen in restaurants such as McDonald’s. 

In fact, lately, there has been an increase in self-ordering kiosks in Malaysia that have been supplied by Xyreon, Malaysia’s leading self-service kiosks company. So why have we taken this step to infuse self-ordering kiosks in our lives? Well, if you’re not sure about that, allow me to enlighten you. Here are some benefits of self-ordering kiosks. 

self-ordering kiosks in Malaysia

Strategic Marketing Methods

To begin with, self-ordering kiosks come with stellar marketing methods that aid in helping customers choose their orders. Self-ordering kiosks are wired to display the food sold in a well-organised manner that makes shopping that much easier. This makes it much simpler as customers have no need to ask waiters questions regarding what they wish to buy, they simply need to check on the kiosk. An added bonus for employers is that self-ordering kiosks tend to advertise high-priced goods that may tempt customers to purchase them, inadvertently this increases their profit when people buy more. 

Decreased Wait Time

Besides a well-organised list of all food sold in the restaurant, self-ordering kiosks also have the list of prices of the food. Again, this saves your time and energy from having to ask the waiter when you wish to know the prices of food. In addition, you can also order your food straight from the self-ordering kiosks. This saves your time from having to line up just to order your food, then having to line up again to receive and pay for your food. 

Save Cost On Labour

Now, this is a benefit for employers, being able to save cost on labour. Why do I say this? Well, because with the presence of self-ordering kiosks, you won’t need waiters, or at least you can reduce the number of waiters you hire. This can save you some money as you’ll have fewer labourers to pay. In fact, you can also save the pain of having to train the waiters, as no one can do as good of a job as a machine. Speaking of machines, this brings us to our final benefit.

Better Accuracy

Better accuracy. This term fits perfectly for a machine. Unlike humans who, no matter how much practice you receive, you’ll never be perfect. Well, at least as perfect as a machine. It’s the sad truth you have to face. Nevertheless, self-ordering kiosks are able to perfectly record customers orders as well as how much they need to pay. This way, it can save waiters and employers the headache of having to deal with frustrating customers, especially the ‘Karen-like’ ones. Because contrary to popular belief ‘the customer isn’t always right’. The restaurant will be a much more peaceful place without those “I didn’t order that” and “I don’t like your poor service” as well as “Let me speak to your manager”… albeit the last one might still exist, sorry managers.