Being a new mother is not as easy as you think. It also requires you to spend a lot of money on the basic necessities that will be used to help you daily.

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1.   Nursing bra

Choose a size larger than your pregnancy bras since tight bras may irritate your nipples, which you do not want to happen. It is also more handy because it typically has clips that can be quickly opened and reattached. Choose bras that are neither too loose nor too tight for your comfort. It will also assist in relieving strain on your shoulder.

2.   Breast pumps

Having a breast pump may assist to alleviate the pain. Working mothers should also be eligible for this. It is beneficial since you will be able to make a few bottles of milk before leaving for work. There are two sorts of pumps to select from: hand pumps and electrical pumps.

3.   Breast pad

Breast pads are not required, although they are strongly recommended. Nursing moms may have milk leakage from time to time, necessitating the use of breast pads to prevent leakage on clothing. It is undeniably a game changer for some. Because disposable pads are designed to be thrown away after use, they are often thinner. Reusable pads are often made of cotton and last longer.

4.   Nursing pillow

Being a new mother will exhaust you much because you are still adjusting to your new lifestyle. You will experience back discomfort and even aching arms as a result of holding the infant for an extended period of time. A nursing cushion is really beneficial since it maintains your body posture when nursing.

5.   Nipple cream

This is exactly what new moms require during nursing. During labor and nursing, your nipples may have broken. It’s natural, and it aches a lot. It occasionally cracks and, in the worst-case scenario, bleeds. As a result, applying cream or lotion to painful nipples helps to relieve pain and soothe the skin surrounding your nipples. Buy the best nipple cream for breastfeeding Malaysia to have a life-changing experience.

6.   Bibs

Cotton bibs are the type that is usually used to make sure the milk that leaks during breastfeeding does not spill on the baby and mommy’s clothes. After a few months, the baby can start using silicone bibs when eating. It is easier to clean and safe.

7.   Diapers

There are different sizes of diapers for babies of different ages. For newborn size, the diapers usually don’t last long so avoid buying too many of them. Baby diapers also come in disposable and reusable types. Some babies cannot stand the gel diapers, mommy can always opt for other materials such as the reusable cotton diapers.

8.   Waterproof changing pads

Whenever you change your baby’s diaper, trust me you don’t want the dirt to get on your table or bedsheet. It is also easier to wash because of the material and it is created to be washed frequently.

9.   Baby nail scissors and file

Some people don’t see nail clippers as something important for babies. But it actually is. Newborn babies have soft nails which cannot be clipped using normal nail clippers. It might hurt your baby’s finger as it is naturally so small. Nail file is used to file the nails after cutting it so it doesn’t leave any access that could hurt the baby.