What is JoinMe Widget?
The JoinMe Widget is a plugin that enables blog owners to display thier Footprints for all the reviewed places on JoinMe.
The JoinMe widget enables blog readers to:
See all your reviewed places on JoinMe.
Read your reviews at the selected place and see place details with one click on the map pin.
See whats' the latest food reviews on JoinMe. (When you post a new review with blog link, it can be seen on all the blogs/websites which have JoinMe Widget).
Step1: Customize your JoinMe widget as how you want it to display.<br>Step2:Clicked on 'Get Code' to Copy & paste the code to your blog or website.
Customize Your JoinMe Widget
The minimum supported plugin width is 250px. Default width: 300px.
Width of plugin in pixels. (?)
Height of plugin in pixels. (?)
Border Color
Border color of plugin, e.g: #FEA500 (?)
Show Footprint
Display the map for all your reviewed places. (?)
Show Footprint
Show JoinMe Latest Review
Display the latest reviews on JoinMe (?)
Show JoinMe Latest Reviews
Your JoinMe Widget plugin code:
Place the code for your plugin wherever you want the widget to appear on your blog or website.
  • width - the width of the plugin in pixels. Default width: 300px.
  • height - the height of the plugin in pixels. The default height with Footprints and Latest Reviews displayed is 632px.
  • border color - the border color of the plugin.
  • show footprint - specifies whether to display the map of all your reviewed places in the plugin
  • show JoinMe latest reviews - specifies whether to display the latest reviews posts by foodies from JoinMe.
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