They say distance is nothing if two hearts are equivalently strong, but that is not always the case. There are many events where couples called it off due to existing geographical barriers intervening their relationships, and this is far more commonplace than we think. Especially during the pandemic where lockdowns are enforced by the authorities to prevent the virus from further spreading, numerous couples have since been forced to adapt to the physical absence of their partners. Whilst digital technology is sufficiently advanced for partners to remain in love, it is not the solution for all. 

The Most Natural Way Of Loving Someone Has Been Jeopardized 

There are couples who crossed paths with each other online and have not met each other ever since; and there are those who met in real life but are now separated by distance. Despite online dating applications being a commonplace soulmate seeker platform to all regardless of biological differences, initiating relationships in such virtual platforms without experiencing each other’s physical presence is deemed an unnatural way of dating. You may have fallen head over heels for this one person you swiped right on but the harsh truth is that, it is merely their appearance you have laid eyes on. To understand their personality well, it has to be done the conventional way. As a matter of fact, individuals portray a different persona in both physical and virtual spaces. To put this into perspective, an internet user who is fairly active in updating their contents may actually be one of the most introverted beings in real life. Not saying you should not fall for an online pal, yet it is advisable that you spend some quality time in each other’s presence because that is the only way you can determine what kind of person they truly are. 

Relationship Grows Best In Each Other’s Presence

You may be loving your partner in distance through facetime and whatnot, that can never surpass the potential of being in each other’s presence. Being together physically allows both partners to be involved in each other’s quotidian life, learn what their partners have been going through and what they can do to support. Physical touch is one of the most paramount element relationships must not lack as it encompasses affection, encouragement, and support. Words may be impactful but actions are in point of fact, the most powerful of all. Your internet connection from the unifi broadband package may be strong enough to conduct a 24 hour video call, and social media may be effective enough to update; without an affectionate touch, it is as though nothing has once happened. 

Of course this varies across individuals but most couples out there generally do not prefer being in a long distance relationship because of the hardships faced. In case there are no options but to be in one, think about ways that could provide your partner with the same amount of affection as though you are there with them physically.