General Questions
1.What is JoinMe website for?
JoinMe ( is an online platform for foodies to share and find reviews or recommendations about what's great food all over Malaysia.
2.What if I found some information that is not accurate?
Due to the large volume of listings that we have, we may have missed out some information or made some minor mistakes. If you know any information to be inaccurate, we encourage you to submit the correct information by clicking the Feedback & Support button.
3.What are the benefits for signing up as an JoinMe member?
Signed up as a JoinMe member and experience the fun & simple way to write reviews. Besides that, you can have your own profile page shown all the reviews you wrote. You can also rate and leave a comment in members review.
User Reviews
1.What should I review on JoinMe?
Any local restaurants, cafes, bars, stalls ,etc. Make sure you take a look at our Content Guidelines before you start writing.
2.How do I write a review?
You may click on the "Write a Review" button on right side of top menu bar to post 1 original photo in order for it to be useful for other readers. You are required to describe your photos in not more than 250 words that you use in a review must belong to you. If you have written the same review elsewhere (such as your own blog or other site), you may also use the same content on JoinMe.
3.Are there any content guidelines that apply to writing a review?
Yes, your food reviews may be rejected due to (but not limited to) the following reasons:
  • Foul language and/or obscene images
  • Advertising and promotional content
  • Sexual, illegal, or violent content and/or images
  • Insulting, defamatory, and/or misleading content
  • Copyrighted material
  • Spamming

All reviews must be your firsthand consumer experience, correct and accurate.
4.What if I had a bad experience? Can I say something negative?
We like to hear about the good, the bad, and everything in between. Be sure to include all the relevant facts and details, and don't embellish your story for effect.
5.I have written a review. Why I do not see it on JoinMe?
Each review is subject to an approval process. It will typically take between a few hours and 2 days before your review is approved or rejected. You will receive an e-mail notification either way.
6.I have submitted a review but it was rejected. What do I do now?
You can either edit and re-submit the review, or you can just write another review from scratch.
7.If I am not registered as a member, can I still submit for a review?
No, you are required to registered as JoinMe member to submit your review.
8.Can I write the reviews in languages other than English?
No, all reviews must be written in English only.
1.How do I verify my JoinMe account?
When you've completed the registration process, click the "verify email" button in your account setting. Your account will be verified at this point. If it doesn't work please Contact Us.
2.How do I change my basic account information?
To edit your profile or to change your account preferences, log in and click your user name that appears at the top of any page and then choose "Settings". You will be able to edit your account preferences here.
3.How do I change my email address?
We are sorry that, your email cannot be changed once registered.
4.Who can see me and my reviews on JoinMe?
Everyone can read your reviews that you've contributed to the site. Your public profile will be tied to your nick name.
Member Achievement
1.What is Reputation?

Reputation represent member ranking on JoinMe. The higher Reputation you earned, the higher rank you are.

Some JoinMe activities require specific Reputation(eg. Taste Voucher©),so keep increase your reputations to join the upcoming activites on our website. :))

Ranking Title Badges
<100Explorer L1
<200Explorer L2
<500Explorer L3
<1000Expert L1
<2000Expert L2
<4000Expert L3
<8000Judge L1
<12000Judge L2
<20000Judge L3
2.What is Point?

JoinMe Point is an accumulation reward token. Points accumulated can be used to redeem Taste Voucher© or other rewards on JoinMe website. You can top up your points by reviewed a restaurant or refer to (Member achievement-No 3) for other points details.

3.How to earn higher Reputation?

There are several ways to increase your reputations. Please checkout the table below:

Actions Earn Reputations Earn Points
Verfiy your information
1) Email Verification10 rep30 pts
2) Facebook Connect10 rep30 pts
3) Member Detail10 rep30 pts
First achievement
1) First Review10 rep20 pts
2) First Taste Voucher Review15 rep30 pts
Interact on JoinMe
1) Write a review
   (a) simple words5 rep5 pts
   (b) with photo (each photo)1 rep10 pts
   (*)review with 3 photos will be given 8 rep and 35 pts
2) Review liked by other members
1 rep1 pts
3) Comment on Other member's review
1 rep0 pts
Taste Voucher©
1.What is Taste Voucher©?

Taste Voucher© is a voucher for complimentary meal from restaurant owner. The Taste Voucher© are given away to JoinMe members as a reward for contributed most of your review to us which determined by members reputation earned. Members who finished the taste are encourage to write a review based on your taste experience to JoinMe site to be eligible for the next Taste Voucher© redemption.

2.How does Taste Voucher© works?
  1. Post reviews to earn JoinMe Reputations and Points.
  2. Redeemed & Print out Taste Voucher.
  3. Present Taste Voucher© during order to enjoy the food taste for free or at discounted price(*depends on voucher entitlement).
  4. Share your food taste experience to increase JoinMe Reputations and top up JoinMe Points.
3.How to redeem Taste Voucher©?

Different Taste Vouchers© may have different terms apply. Please refer to the following:

Requirement Explaination
1) Qualification Minimum Reputation is required to redeem the Taste Voucher©.
2) Redeem Point You have to use JoinMe Points to redeem the Taste Voucher©.
3) Discount Taste Voucher© Those Taste Voucher© which offer you a meal at discounted price.
4) Online Redemption End The due date of online redemption for the Taste Voucher©.
5) Voucher Valid Till The valid date of the Taste Voucher©. All vouchers must be used within the validity period required.
4.Why New Taste Voucher© is locked for redemption?

Once you redeemed a Taste Voucher©, you are unable to redeem new Taste Voucher© untill you have succesfully unlocked it.

5.How to unlock Taste Voucher©?

After you used the Taste Voucher© in the restaurant, you have to write a review regarding the taste experience by entering the voucher code.

New Taste Voucher© will be unlocked once you post your food taste review, cheers:)

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