In this modern era of advanced technology and communication, almost all of the people in this world are connected to the internet and relied on it to help with their daily activities and necessities. However, there are still a large number of individuals that are not able to access the internet because the place they are currently living in a remote area. There are only several ‘hotspots’ in their area that could enable them to tap into the web. In order for them to feel what the others in non-remote areas feel, there are several measures that they can take, those measures are as follows: 

  1. Increase the number of satellites that are orbiting 

Satellites are the primary factor in increasing internet coverage in any place in the world. Satellites are the device that pings the frequency from the sender’s end to the receiver’s end. Therefore, by procuring or orbiting new satellites, the technological and internet connectivity infrastructure will increase. 

  1. Build more signal towers in remote areas 

Another device that can receive and send frequency and transmission is the signal towers. These devices are far more affordable compared to the satellites because they do not have to orbit in outer space. Signal towers will only need to be built on one stable surface and the maintenance will be much easier compared to satellites. There are numerous local signal tower manufacturers in the world. Take Patlite Malaysia for example, they are a local manufacturer of signal towers that is based in Malaysia. To procure the towers, you can simply search discover Patlite signal tower in Malaysia or search find more Patlite signal tower in Malaysia.

  1. Fiber optic connectivity

While signal towers are built on top of the surface (or the ground) the fiber optic technology established internet lines underground or below the surface. This type of technology is far more stable and undisturbed by the likes of weather. Fiber optic technology is also low maintenance because the maintenance operators do not have to go up to a high tower to repair their devices. They will just need to simply fix it through their computer or in their headquarters. Moreover, this fiber optic technology is the most recent technological advancements and has been deemed the most efficient and compatible with the current 5G technology. This new generation of technology will enable individuals to connect faster with the internet and merge their devices with their home appliances or any other appliances (i.e. their cars, motorcycle, and many more).

To conclude, establishing connectivity is essential in this 4.0 industry as more and more individuals rely on the internet and utilize it for their daily lives. The people that are living in remote areas are not an exception, they have the right for accessing the technology and utilize it to make their lives easier. The efforts in increasing internet coverage are not that difficult. If the country or internet provider is willing to do so, having high-speed internet in remote corners of the world will be possible to achieve. 

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