It is always easy to opt between two choices where one is healthy and the other is not. The basic human instinct always guides to choose for the healthy options as it has benefits for humans. However, when it comes to choosing between two equally healthy and interesting fields, it really gives a hard time. Sometimes debates are ensued and people go on giving arguments about their very profession’s efficacy and positive aspects. This means that few people are naturally attracted towards certain professions, sports and other fields in the life as God has made people differently abled. Some are good at chess while others at cricket. Some may play soccer well while others hockey. Now debating whether you should go for football or PADI diving is also such a case that basically is linked with your basic instinct. There are people who have achieved fame, wealth and riches through playing football and there are people who have made good fortunes by opting for scuba diving. We, in fact, cannot deny the very fact that soccer is much common and much popular than scuba diving and its world cup tournaments draw millions of people from across the world into the stadiums to watch the matches live. Similarly, hundreds of millions of people watch these matches live on their televisions and enjoy their time. Apart from the interest of individuals, there are commercial interests. Billionaires in the world invest millions of rupees on the teams and even states invest on the teams. Many buy various franchises and create a sensation in the football grounds. The media industry, and sports channels specifically, earn billions of rupees by telecasting these matches lives. Advertisement rates go higher many times when these matches are telecasted live by the sport TV channels. 

On the very contrary, when it comes to the open water courses, they find little to no coverage and there is no international sensation for the very sport. Although the game can be promoted by creation of opposing teams, and giving them certain tasks and then by promoting the PADI diving competitions through state level competitions yet the game has not developed to that vey level. One of the reasons for this may be that there are many countries across the globe who do not have coastal belt and there are still many who might have coastal belt but no proper arrangements and expertise for the scuba diving practices. It is in the backdrop of these issues that Malaysia has taken the lead to train people through scuba diving classes so that the sport is promoted worldwide. The scuba diving malaysia are gaining popularity with each passing day and the day is not far when scuba diving is also celebrated like many other games across the globe. If you want to contribute your part for the promotion of this game, you should learn something about the scuba diving destinations in Malaysia and promote them in all possible ways you can. 

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